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High Yielding Destruction Rapidly Assaulting Topher's Existence

For only 5 USD you can help a Fush out of water... or make me cry inside

Basic Info

Max 3L of water
Max of 1 Hydrate* per week (7 Day Cooldown)
Cannot be done in any costume
Fusshy reserves the right to delay the Hydrate if needed

Bits**  to Fill the "Pool" of Water
500 bits per 0.5L to add to the collection

Use FushCoin  to dump
300,000 FushCoin up to 3L (Reward Name - Tier 3 Hydrate)
200,000 FushCoin up to 2L (Reward Name - Tier 2 Hydrate)
100,000 FushCoin up to 1L (Reward Name - Tier 1 Hydrate)

*Hydrate  is pouring over the streamer's head (why would I do this)

** Bits and not subs // Must be in increments of 500 bits (will be rounded down to the nearest 500 if over)

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